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online repository of stuff I had to google for hours to figure out – and random snippets of code


The idea behind this page is to document all those processes where the official documentation is incomplete/outdated, and/or heavy googling  is needed to avoid common pitfalls.

Python on Windows is probably going to be a common theme here – since that’s what I work in the most – but also C#, .NET, getting libraries to compile on Windows, and whatever ideas I might get later.

If this helps you – or if it for some reason does not help, or there is a different way to achieve what you want, please leave a comment!

I’ll try my best to make the articles be a relevant hit when searching for the exact error message, while also trying to make them discoverable by other relevant keywords.

I also take submissions; if you have anything that fits into the style of this page, send it to me.

– Lars Erik Jordet


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