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Mercurial module for Python 2.6/Win32

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I’ve compiled Mercurial 1.5.4 for Python 2.6, following this guide, and uploaded it here, since I guess it’ll be useful for later:


I use it for Trac 0.12 in a multi-repository setting, so we can keep our old SVN repo while having some of the larger projects on Hg.


Making a Trac install work on Apache 2.2/Python 2.6/win32, 2010 edition

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About 10 months ago I wrote a short article on getting Trac to work on Python 2.6 and Windows. Recently I updated the install, and took a look at how the situation is now.

This guide assumes you have a working install of Trac on Python 2.5/mod_python/Apache2.2 already, as described in the Trac install guide, and that Python 2.6 is installed.

What needs to be done:

  • Install Python 2.6 and Trac for 2.6
  • Build a new version of mod_python
  • Optionally Replace Apache DLLs (mostly if you followed my previous guide)

Required software

You’ll need Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition or any retail version of VS 2008 if you want to build your own mod_python for 2.6 (I’ll provide a precompiled one in this post).


Install Python 2.6 and Trac on 2.6 (using “ easy_install trac” is recommended)

You’ll probably also want to easy_install Pygments for source highlighting.

Building mod_python for 2.6

This guide to mod_python covers the creation and installation of a compatible version of the module.

At this point, you should be able to restart Apache and load up your “old” Trac on Python 2.6, but with the error message that “svn” support is not installed.

A pre-built version of this can be found here: mod_python-3.3.2-dev-20080819.win32-py2.6.exe

Python SVN bindings

My old guide had instructions on how to build these yourself, but after that article was made, “official” Python 2.6 bindings have been released.

Most recent version as of this writing is the SVN 1.6.6 version of the bindings.

Replacing Apache DLLs to make libsvn work

Note: Only use these instructions if you experience problems, and/or you’re running a self-built version of the Python SVN bindings already.

There’s a slight difference between libapr-1.dll as supplied with Apache 2.2 and the one we built together with libsvn, so the fix is to replace the one in your Apache2.2\bin folder with the one from your Python2.6\Lib\site-packages\libsvn folder (copy the libsvn_*.dlls from the same folder into the Apache2.2\bin folder if you still get problems).

Restarting Apache now should make Trac work fully, with Subversion support.


lxml for Python 2.6/win32

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A quick post today: Using these instructions, I’ve built a statically linked lxml 2.2.4 for Windows.

I used the following versions of the libraries:


Download it here: lxml-2.2.4.win32-py2.6


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